Running a highly efficient kitchen or dietary department can be a serious juggling act. With the stringent standards for food safety, ever tightening budgets, constant need to train, hire, retain and motivate employees and produce consistently high quality food to keep customers, guests and residents satisfied, your job demands a lot from you. Let us take care of the warewash and kitchen sanitation component. We offer clients a variety of customized commercial dishwashing – warewash - solutions that guarantee the highest level of sanitation in both high and low-temperature machine environments with the greatest total savings to your operation. Whether you are a full-service hotel, long term care cafeteria, restaurant, banquet and conference centre or hospital, your unique operational needs are assessed by our highly knowledgeable staff and product, service and maintenance programs put in place to help you meet and exceed your objectives.

Chemsyn has a wide range of products to address your specific kitchen cleaning and sanitation needs ensuring the highest level of food safety coupled with spotless service. Our warewash solutions seamlessly integrate 1) the delivery of products necessary to maintain the highest level of sanitation in your kitchen, 2) the technical service required to keep your machines and systems in proper working order and 3) the product training that allows your staff contribute to a safe, effective and efficient working environment.

Both Eclipse™ and Sunrise™ – our Premium and Professional product lines - ensure superior residue-free, high shine results for glasses, plates and cutlery, reduce waste and prolong the lifespan of your tableware.

Warewash Product Line
After assessing your needs, we will help you choose the products that are right for you. Our Premium Eclipse™ or Professional Sunrise™ mechanical warewash product lines include Detergents for soft and hard water conditions, Rinse Aids, Sanitizers for low temperature machines and Delimers to remove calcium buildup. Specially-formulated, these product lines are designed to provide consistent, high quality results ensuring one-pass warewashing resulting in clean, sanitized dishes and cutlery and sparkling, spot-free glasses while also offering your operation significant cost savings. Please ask about our Kosher supervised and certified warewash and kitchen products.