Training & Certication Programs

WHMIS training and certification is a standard part of our staff training programs and is provided initially when client service begins, periodically for new staff and refresher courses are offered upon request by the client. We also work with clients to customize WHMIS training schedules to ensure your facility meets regulatory requirements for staff.

As part of our product, service and quality guarantee, Chemsyn provides its clients with employee WHMIS training and certification, to ensure the highest levels of safety and the ongoing protection of employees in the workplace.

What is WHMIS?
WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) is a Canada-wide system designed to give employers and employees information about hazardous materials used in their workplace. Under WHMIS, there are three key ways in which information on hazardous materials is to be provided: 1. Labelling of hazardous materials containers. 2. The provision of Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS's) to accompany hazardous materials. 3. Employee education programs.

WHMIS training and certification is mandatory for all new employees who will be working with hazardous materials. All employers must ensure that training and certification is provided for their employees on a bi-annual basis.

Why do I need WHMIS training and certification in my workplace?
Each of the thirteen provincial, territorial and federal agencies responsible for occupational safety and health has established employer WHMIS requirements within their respective jurisdiction. These requirements place an onus on employers to ensure that controlled products used, stored, handled or disposed of in the workplace are properly labelled, SDS’s are made available to employees, and employees receive education and training to ensure the safe storage, handling and use of controlled products in the workplace.

What does Chemsyn provide as part of its WHMIS training and certification program?
Training is provided by a certified WHMIS trainer at the client’s facility to accommodate working staff and includes classroom discussion of WHMIS topics, a video, Q & A session and a final certification test. Upon successful completion of the test employees will receive a WHMIS certificate. To find out more about our WHMIS training programs or to book a training session for your staff if you are an existing client, please contact us directly at (905) 760-8234.

Product Education Programs & On-Site Demos
We believe that in order to ensure optimal product results, effective staff training is absolutely critical. As part of our product and service excellence, our Client Service Team will work with you to customize facility and department specific sanitation programs that suit your individual needs. We will work with staff to understand specific challenges, recommend the right products for the job, provide on-site demos and correct product dispensing and application procedures. To schedule an on-site product demo for any of your warewash, laundry or housekeeping needs you can email us at A product representative will contact you directly.