Machine Purchasing & Lease-to-Own Program

Commercial Kitchen Solutions
Whether you are looking to purchase a new dishwashing machine for your commercial kitchen or simply lease-to-own, we offer clients a wide selection of precision warewash systems, solutions and proportioning/dispensing units. We will work closely with you to determine your specific machine needs, assist you in designing the most cost-effective and efficient system if your kitchen isn't already equipped with tabling, recommend trusted and reliable suppliers and provide full machine and closed-circuit dispensing unit installation and on-going technical service and maintenance as part of our service promise.

If you are purchasing a machine outright, we will assess your needs and provide recommendations from a value, quality, reliability and energy efficiency perspective.

Lease-to-Own Program
There are many benefits for clients to join our lease-to-own program if they decide that purchasing outright is not in their best interest or possible due to financial limitations. The program offers access to brand-name models including American Dish Machines, CMA, Hobart, Moyer-Diebel and Blakeslee, machine ownership without the high upfront cost, flexible terms (24-60 months) with credit approval and no-cost system maintenance giving you the full control over your warewash system that renting cannot offer.

Benefits of leasing-to-own include:

        •    Significant cost savings in the short and long-term
        •    100% tax-deductible options
        •    High energy efficiency machines
        •    Latest brand-name models
        •    Machine ownership at end of lease term
        •    Complete control over your warewash operation
        •    Flexible payment terms with credit approval
        •    No-cost system maintenance

To find out more, contact us at or by calling us directly at (905) 760-8234.