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Comprehensive Cleaning & Sanitation Programs for your Facility
As a long term care professional your job is not an easy one. You are constantly faced with the increasing challenges of managing a complex operation, meeting stringent compliance requirements, keeping staff safe and providing quality, consistent care to residents on a tight budget. We understand and in response, have developed the Total Quality Care (TQC) Program ™ to address the unique challenges faced by long term care facilities. The TQC Program guarantees the highest standard in cleaning and sanitation for your Dietary, Laundry and Housekeeping needs via a three-pronged approach :

        •    Providing your facility with Dietary, Laundry and Housekeeping sanitation products that obtain optimal cleaning and sanitation              results the first time around.
        •    Unmatched service and delivery - 24-7-365 On-Time, All-the-Time - that ensures your facility has the products it needs, in the right              amount at the right time. You won’t have to wait until your next scheduled delivery date.
        •    Comprehensive staff training programs that ensure your staff stays safe, your products don’t go to waste due to improper use and              your costs are kept in check.

From start to finish, our program will deliver on your facility’s immediate and long-term requirements, give you unparalleled product and service quality and do it more cost efficiently than the competition.

Warewash Solutions
Chemsyn offers warewash solutions that help you achieve the highest level of sanitation in both high and low-temperature machine environments guaranteeing the greatest total savings to your dietary operation while meeting and exceeding compliance regulations. Our products will ensure your glass and plastic tableware and heavy duty pots and pans are sparkling clean in one pass, saving you time and money. Our product dispensing systems are automatic, easy to use and ensure the safety of your employees.

Our warewash solutions seamlessly integrate 1) the delivery of products necessary to maintain the highest level of sanitation in your kitchen 2) the technical service required to keep your machines and dispensing systems in proper working order and 3) the product training that allows your staff to contribute to a safe, effective and efficient working environment. Both Eclipse ™ and Sunrise ™ – our Premium and Professional product lines - ensure superior residue-free, high shine results, reduced waste and prolong the lifespan of your glass and plastic tableware. Ask us about our full line of Kosher supervised and certified warewash products for your facility.

Machine Purchasing and Lease-to-Own Program
As part of our service, we offer long term care dietary operations a wide selection of precision warewash systems, solutions and proportioning/dispensing units including a full Machine Lease-to-Own Program with a number of benefits including brand-name models – American Dish Machines, CMA, Hobart, Moyer-Diebel and Blakeslee – machine ownership, flexible terms (24-60 months) with credit approval and no-cost system maintenance giving you complete control of your warewash system. Our highly trained team of technicians will assess your unique needs, assist you in planning the most effective system setup and provide full consulting services. We can show you the benefits of ownership in terms of cost, control and worry-free service.

Complete Kitchen Sanitation Solutions
We know that your dish machine isn`t the only thing you have to worry about when managing your dietary operation. The cleanliness of your kitchen, the safety of food served to residents and the safety of staff preparing it, is integral to running an effective and cost efficient operation. Chemsyn sanitation products do the work for you. Our line of manual dish liquids, pot and pan cleaners, pre-soaks, degreasers, all-purpose cleaners and sanitizers and disinfectants, help you deliver the best cleaning and sanitation results keeping your staff and residents happy. Call us at (905) 760-8234 to find out more and schedule an on-site asessement or product – demos.

Laundry Solutions
At Chemsyn we also understand the complexities of running an efficient and cost effective laundry operation. As the Environmental Services Manager of a long term care facility or hospital, our Laundry specialists will work closely with you to assess your requirements and provide cost effective solutions that drive results. Our goal is to help you increase the efficiency of your operation, reduce waste and energy, improve safety and generate proven, consistent results.

Once you come on board, Chemsyn will offer you concierge-style service from inventory tracking and management (should you request it) to ensure that your laundry facility always has sufficient stock to operate seamlessly, to 24-hour emergency product delivery, to hands-on training for staff whether you are switching from another supplier or setting up a brand new operation. Our expertise is your competitive strength.

Housekeeping Solutions
Our comprehensive line of sanitation products also includes front and back of house solutions that are formulated to offer the best cleaning results for your entire facility. With its roots in janitorial services and staffing, Chemsyn is ideally qualified to assess the product and system needs of your facility and provide solutions to assist your staff in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness at the lowest possible cost. Everything from cleaning and sanitation products to janitorial hardware is readily available for your one-stop shopping convenience.

Housekeeping Products
Institutional housekeeping cleaning and sanitation products include the following categories:

        •    All purpose cleaners and degreasers
        •    Sanitizers and disinfectants
        •    Floor care products
        •    Air fresheners
        •    Full line of brand-name cleaning systems


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