Service Guarantee

Chemsyn prides itself on its service excellence. Our 24-Hr Emergency Service, timely product delivery, regularly scheduled maintenance, service and inventory checks and kitchen hygiene and laundry reports is what sets us apart from the competition.

No other company in the industry can deliver on service quality the way Chemsyn does!

24-Hour Emergency Service
Chemsyn consistently meets and exceeds the service benchmarks we have set in the industry with our “On-Time, All the Time” ™ service for order fulfillment and delivery, maintenance and problem resolution.

Our highly qualified service professionals and technicians are available 24-7 365 days a year to meet your needs with unmatched, same-day response time guarantees. Our mission is to provide the highest service quality possible to all our clients—big and small. It is what sets us apart from the competition and consistently wins and keeps your business.

Chemsyn Service Technicians are highly trained and skilled to conduct maintenance on and repair all dishwashing machine models, warewash and laundry dispensing systems and housekeeping proportioning systems. We do not conduct maintenance or repair laundry machines.

Product & Service Delivery Guarantee
Our highly responsive order-to-delivery process ensures timely delivery for chemical products manufactured by Chemsyn — guaranteed! Our service technicians conduct regular inventory checks as part of the system maintenance schedule ensuring adequate product quantities are available to continuously satisfy your ongoing operational needs allowing your staff to focus on key responsibilities.