Environmental Commitment

At Chemsyn, we constantly strive to improve the way we do business whether it means excelling at building and maintaining client relationships, exceeding service quality expectations, ensuring ongoing operational excellence or minimizing our impact on the environment.

We realize that, as our competitors do, we are in the business of manufacturing chemical products that are an absolute necessity in maintaining the health and safety of the end user - hotel, banquet and restaurant guests, long-term care residents and visitors, students and teachers, government workers and staff working in all of these environments. But we also understand the importance of continuously working towards providing sound, environmentally sustainable solutions via our own business practices and passing them onto our clients.

As an existing or future client you can count on us to deliver a number of solutions that will help you and your business achieve your goals in becoming environmentally friendly.

Chemical Control Systems
As part of our chemical control system, we provide, install and maintain warewash, laundry and housekeeping chemical dispensers designed and calibrated to provide optimal control of all chemicals used in your facility. These systems ensure that only the exact amount of chemical necessary to obtain ideal results is dispensed, thereby minimizing impact on the waste stream and the environment.

Impact on the health and safety of workers and their work environment, as well as visitors and patrons, is also reduced and/or eliminated as chemical control systems require no direct contact with chemicals and eliminate the occurrence of spills.

Waste Reduction
Waste reduction is one of Chemsyn’s continuous improvement objectives and it begins internally, within our manufacturing and operations processes and ends externally, with our clients. We hold true to this promise by constantly finding ways to reduce the use of plastics and other harmful materials, employing recycling programs, offering our clients Safe Disposal programs for old/obsolete inventory from competing manufacturers, consistently tracking inventory levels for clients to ensure that only necessary amounts of chemicals are delivered and employing chemical control systems to reduce impact on the environment.

Energy Savings
Chemsyn offers a variety of energy saving solutions with a specific focus on quality, brand-name warewash and laundry machines that are part of the Energy Star program. We work closely with clients to help them select the right equipment for the job; equipment that is energy efficient and uses less water and chemicals without compromising results.